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These are the future planned features along with some initial thoughts on implementation. Note this is all subject to change as technical/time limitations allow.

Dynamic Character Sheets

  • Our vision would to have a panel of controls you drop onto a blank canvas. Labels, number/text fields, die fields, and maybe a tab control. The GM would drop these onto the canvas and move them and arrange them to build a sheet to his liking and then “lock” the sheet and save it off to a database. Then players would see the final sheet and could fill in the fields. This would allow support of almost any system, avoid any copyright issues since you are building it from scratch, and could eventually allow dynamic rolling from other elements on the sheet with some kind of formula syntax.

Finer Grained Permissions

  • Ability for a participant to be the GM and have a configuration page to determine what the players can do as far as adding maps, drawing, etc.
  • Ability to have the GM define “roles” for other players so he could have co-GMs, mapper (who has rights to draw on map), etc.

Persistent Hangout Data

  • Ability to save dice macros, tables, etc. between Hangout sessions. Exploring technologies such as Google App Engine, Dropbox, and exporting/loading XML files locally.

Obsidian Portal Integration

  • Ability to interact with an Obsidian portal account. This would allow the application to display and write to your Adventure log, wiki page, etc.

More Map Featues

  • Fog of war layer that can be revealed (by both freehand erase and shapes) to show the map underneath.
  • Measuring tool to show distance between start and end point.
  • Custom labeling of tokens to show more information on a mouse hover.